We have the best guarantee in the business. Zero Risk Guarantee with a full money back   guarantee. Peachtree Carpet Cleaning Used high-quality equipment and cleaning solutions to provide the best method of cleaning your carpets in Atlanta. We are are your consultants that happens to clean Carpet.


Our Agreement With You

WE PROMISE TO RESPECT YOUR TIME. You will receive a two hour time window upon scheduling your cleaning experience. We will arrive at your location during that window and let you know if there are any changes.

WE PROMISE TO HIRE PROFESSIONALS YOU CAN TRUST. We drug screen and background check in our intial interview process. We also train our Consultants to know how to best treat your specific cleaning challenge.

WE PROMISE TO PROVIDE UP FRONT PRICING. A firm investment price for the services will be conducted along with a demonstration of phenomenal services

WE PROMISE TO LISTEN TO YOU. We are here to solve your challenge, and by listening and engaging with you we will do everything to cater to you.

What is No-Residue Carpet Cleaning?

There are many concerns when getting your Carpets Cleaned in Atlanta and the results is that the carpets get dirty faster. So is this a concern? If your carpet cleaning company leaves residue in your carpets after cleaning, then it is a concern. Peachtree carpet cleaning uses a process that is designed to leave your carpets clean without a residue. Peachtree Carpet cleaning uses a cleaning solution that is specially formatted from natural ingredients and dries with out leaving a sticky residue.